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Travel Southern Antebellum RRs
Eugene Alvarez
Alabama Univ Press
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2008-08-04 17:49:49
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Travel On Southern Antebellum Railroads


by Eugene Alvarez.

257 pages, 8.5x5.5, 60 photos, 5 drawings, 14 maps.

"Here is a carefully researched account of all aspects of railroading - engines, cars, life aboard, perils of the road, stations - with much contemporary flavor [from] this boisterous era." Anniston Star

"The matter - of - fact descriptive title of this interesting little volume on railroading in the pre - Civil War South does not do justice to Alvarez's coverage of the subject. Along with his full account of trains and train accommodations, he manages to encompass a number of social, political, and even ideological subjects."

"A charming and informative examination of the early years of railroads. It is also history of the kind I like best: a study not of great events or momentous trends, but of how people lived." Jonathan Yardley, Miami Herald