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Cash Tokens Transfers
Brian Cudahy
Fordham Univ Press
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2005-04-17 14:31:05
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Cash, Tokens, and Transfers: A History of Urban Mass Transit in North America Softbound 6x9", 266 pages. "This colorful history will appeal to borth the interested reader and transportation historian. Brian Cudahy's skillful narrative is combined with a wealth of period photographs. The first comprehensive history of public transportation in North America to be published in more than 60 years, the book traces the grwoth of urban mass transit from the horse-drawn street cars of the 1830's through the development of cable cars, electric street cars, subways, and buses, to the new light rail systems that are playing a key role in today's urban transit renaissance. The book is not bound to any geographical region and examines transit rail systems throughout the United States and Canada."