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Trains Tech 3 Track Structures
Anthony J Bianculli
Delaware U Press
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2004-09-10 20:38:22
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Trains and Technology

The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century

By Anthony J. Bianculli.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11, photos, drawings, plans, ephemera.

This series of four lavishly illustrated volumes provides a thorough grounding in the maturation of the American railroad through an exposition of railroad technology in an age of unprecedented technological expansion.

Vol. 1: Locomotives details locomotive design and application through three stages: infancy (1830-1875), adolescence (1850-1875), and maturity (1975-1900). This history of the American railroad is accompanied by nearly 150 illustrations and accurate drawings of the equipment and appliances, many of which have not been published before outside of old techncal journals. 248 pages.

Vol. 2: Cars Since the variety of cars used during the nineteenth century was huge, the book is divided into three sections- passenger, freight, and non-revenue cars. The easily understood, jargon-free discussions and explanations throughout the book are accompanied by over 225 illustrations and accurate scale drawings of the various equipment. 258 pages.

Vol. 3: Track and Structures covers the technologies involved in locating and building the railroad and all its aspects of rail development. The structures portion of this volume investigates stations and structures needed to service the equipment and conduct operations. 240 pages.

Vol. 4: Bridges and Tunnels, Signals is an exposition of the various types of bridges, their foundations, and the materials of which they were made. Tunnels, marine railroad operations, and the development of the signal systems is also fully covered here. 224 pages.