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Off the Beaten Track
Robt G Lewis W Vanutono R Leilich
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2004-11-01 20:33:20
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Off the Beaten Track - A railroader's life in pictures

by Robert G. Lewis, William C. Vantuono, and Robert H. Leilich

192 pages, 8.5x11", cloth with dust jacket.

The much-anticipated book by Robert G. Lewis, Railway Age’s long-time publisher and intrepid journalist/photographer, Off the Beaten Track is one man’s lifetime chronicle of the railroads and the important role they have played in American life. Off the Beaten Track offers something for every serious railroad enthusiast. From 1930s main and branch line steam operations to dieselization and steam’s last hurrah in the 1950s, from obscure rural short lines to the predecessors of today’s mega-carriers, Bob Lewis’s ability to seek out and capture railroading during its most colorful years is sure to delight readers of all ages.

“The rare and gorgeous railroad photographs in Robert G. Lewis’s truly remarkable book are enticing. No reader will need even the slightest encouragement for repeated snacking and gorging on close to 350 images of nearly 100 different railroads. They record more than 75 years spent observing and loving American railroads, and 99% of them have never been published anywhere before.

"The world has reached a point where at least half the railroad enthusiasts alive have never seen a steam locomotive in active service, except on a tourist train. Lewis is the spark across this ever-widening gap.... Bob Lewis and his pictures remind us of the railroads’ still unrealized potential to stand this country on its head and give it a world-class transportation system once again, one that speeds freight and delights passengers.” —From the foreword by Tony Hiss, author, The Experience of Place