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American Streamliner: Postwar Years
Don Heimburger & Carl Byron
Heimburger House
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2008-10-30 09:25:59
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The American Streamliner

Postwar Years

by Donald J. Heimburger and Carl R. Byron.

10x10, cloth with dust jacket, 200 pages, 335 photos and illustrations. enameled paper.

"When World War II came to an end in 1945, America was on the verge of an unprecedented economic boom that carried over to its vast rail transportation system. Railroads placed orders for new streamlined passenger trains. Passengers wanted new, fashionable trains with sleek cars and locomotives. In addition, steam was out, diesels were in. Railroads saw good times coming and they prepared well for them.

"Authors Donald J. Heimburger and Carl R. Byron bring to life this exciting time in America’s railroad history. This 200-page hardbound volume captures the fun of train travel when fashion-conscious rail lines crisscrossed the country with colorful cars and exquisite service. If you enjoyed The American Streamliner, Prewar Years, this full-color volume, with 335 photos/illustrations, is a must-have for your library."