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Riding the Bell: Lehigh Valley Transit's Liberty Bell Route
Ron Ruddell
Central Electric Railfans Asso
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2016-04-29 00:00:00
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Riding the Bell

Lehigh Valley Transit's Liberty Bell Route

By Ron Ruddell.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11", 264 pages, 350+ photos incl. 80 color photos, detailed color maps, car drawings, roster, index, bibliography. 2015.

"In this, the newest CERA publication, author Ron Ruddell chronicles the history of Lehigh Valley Transit's famed Liberty Bell Route interurban that ran between Philadelphia and Allentown.

"Known for its scenic line through southeastern Pennsylvania, LVT operated a fascinating variety of equipment from stately heavyweight interurbans to secondhand lightweight high-speed cars acquired from Ohio and Indiana. Portions of the line meandered alongside local roads or over city streets, while other sections operated on private right-of-way with catenary and block signals on fast competitive schedules. A cut above many interurbans, the LVT even operated deluxe club car service on selected runs.

"Noted transit historian George Hilton called the LVT’s Liberty Bell Route the last “pure” interurban, as it owed its existence exclusively to passenger traffic or express carried in interurban freight equipment. The reader will learn about the Liberty Bell Route’s development and operations, as well as its colorful equipment - and also about the people whose dedication and effort managed to keep the line in operation until 1951."

"Both informative and entertaining, Riding the Bell is a must read for both the serious transportation student and casual traction fan."

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