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Lincoln Funeral Train, The: Final Journey and National Funeral for Abraham Lincoln
Scott D. Trostel
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2007-06-01 20:04:35
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The Lincoln Funeral Train

The Final Journey and National Funeral for Abraham Lincoln

By Scott D. Trostel.

224 pages, 25 maps, Photographs, Illustrations, Historical text, Soft cover, Bibliography and index, 8.5x11.

"Here is an extraordinary historic narrative recounting the thirteen day National Funeral Journey for Abraham Lincoln. The logistics included passage over 22 railroads and two street railways involving 42 locomotives, approximately 80 pieces of passenger equipment and ferry moves.

"This is the story of the nation's first national funeral, retracing the Lincoln Funeral Train from Washington, D. C. to Springfield, Illinois, 1,700 miles. Millions of mourners gathered along the margins of the railroad tracks. In raw, cold, chilly winds, and rain, in the dark of night, millions of people witnessed the Lincoln Funeral Train.

"With 143 photos, maps and illustrations, author Trostel tells a revealing story of the funeral cortege passing through endless miles of mourners, making unplanned stops for brief memorials. Citizens placed wreaths on the coffin, sung dirges, hymns, decorated memorial arches and made other public gestures of sorrow. An overwhelming manifestation of public grief showed popular appreciation for the President.

"Each chapter covers one day of the journey and proceedings at each of the eleven planned memorial services conducted en route. Elaborate preparations and massive processional displays were conducted at the principal cities of Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago and burial at Springfield, Illinois. Citizens seeking a glimpse of the slain president came in throngs and filled miles of city streets. Near riots ensued at some locations in the effort to honor the remains.

"The overwhelming response of a nation during the sorrowful journey stands among extraordinary observances of the death of a Statesman. These momentous events form one of the most intensely impressive chapters of American history."