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Lincoln Inaugural Train: The 1861 Journey of President-elect Abraham Lincoln
Scott D Trostel
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2011-10-20 10:00:13
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The Lincoln Inaugural Train

The 1861 Journey of President-elect Abraham Lincoln


By Scott D. Trostel.

Softcover 8.5x11, 190 pages, bibliography, index, b/w photos, ephemera. 2011.

"The most comprehensive book detailing President-elect Abraham Lincoln's inaugural journey.

"The author's book about the Lincoln Funeral Train has become an acclaimed and sought-after tome detailing the first national funeral for an assassinated president. Now Mr. Trostel covers Lincoln's epic journey to Washington with many new details.


February 11, 1861:

Springfield, Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana via Lafayette, Indiana.

It was the last time Abraham Lincoln saw his adopted home town of Springfield. First assassination attempt foiled.

February 12, 1861:

Indianapolis, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio. Abraham Lincoln's 52nd birthday.

Lincoln first learns of an assassination plot planned in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Perhaps the largest crowd to greet the train was at Cincinnati where over 100,000 people were present.

February 13, 1861:

Cincinnati, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio via Xenia, Ohio.

Dayton, Ohio route quietly avoided, thought to be due to radical Dayton Copperhead faction.

Second assassination attempt foiled.

February 14, 1861:

Columbus, Ohio to Allegheny City/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania via Mingo Junction and Yellow Creek, Ohio

Passed through five tunnels and delayed nearly four hours by blocked tracks near Freedom, Pennsylvania.

February 15, 1861:

Allegheny City/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cleveland, Ohio via Yellow Creek, Ohio.

Weather turned bad, cannon breaks glass out of restaurant where presidential party was dining.

February 16, 1861:

Cleveland, Ohio to Buffalo, New York via Erie, Pennsylvania.

February 17, 1861:

Day of Rest and worship at Buffalo, New York.

February 18, 1861:

Buffalo, New York to Albany, New York via Rochester, New York.

Snow storm along the route.

February 19, 1861:

Albany, New York to New York, New York via Troy and East Albany along the east side of the Hudson River.

February 20, 1861:

New York City speeches.

February 21, 1861:

Across the Hudson River in a ferry boat, John P. Jackson.

New York, New York to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania via Jersey City, Newark and Trenton, New Jersey

Speaks at New Jersey Statehouse and arrives at Philadelphia late afternoon.

February 22, 1861:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania via Paoli, Pennsylvania.

Early morning, speaks at Independence Hall in Philadelphia then, raises flag there.

Inaugural Train departs for Harrisburg at 9:00 a.m. Lincoln speaks to Pennsylvania Legislature.

On this night Lincoln was snuck out of Harrisburg and back to Philadelphia. Throughout the night he was transported to Washington via Wilmington, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland to avoid an assassination plot.

February 23, 1861:

Lincoln arrives in Washington, D.C. in the dawning hours under Pinkerton Guard.

The Lincoln Inaugural Train completes it final leg of the journey from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. via York, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland but without Abraham Lincoln. Third assassination attempt foiled.

The journey was 1,904 miles in length, about half this route was retraced for the 1865 funeral of Abraham Lincoln.