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Milwaukee Road 261: A Steam Locomotive for the 21st Century
Steve Glischinski
South Platte Press
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2005-11-11 21:16:01
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Milwaukee Road 261

A Steam Locomotive for the 21st Century

By Steve Glischinski.

Softcover, 8.5x11", 84 pages, b/w and color photos, drawings. 2004.

"Former Milwaukee Road steam locomotive No. 261, now operated in excursion service out of Minneapolis, is a 4-8-4 type constructed during World War II - a living reminder of when steam-driven railroads like the historic Milwaukee Road were largely responsible for the growth and prosperity of America as they hauled passengers and freight across the land.

"Since its restoration to operating condition in 1993, the 261 has seen more than 40,000 miles pass beneath its wheels and has carried more than 250,000 people on excursion trains from Minnesota's Iron Range to Kansas City, from West Virginia to Montana. Here is the fully illustrated story of the 261 and its mission to educate the public about the heritage of American railroading."