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Last Train to Wymore
David J. Doering
South Platte Press
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2009-02-22 22:18:24
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Last Train to Wymore

The Story of a Prairie Local

By David J. Doering.

Softcover 8.5x11, 56 pages, color and b/w photos throughout.

"This is a mostly-color pictorial of the last seven years of the railroad town of Wymore, Nebraska, once an important division point on the Burlington Railroad.

"The final decline of rail service to Wymore is documented from the viewpoint of a "local" freight that operated from Lincoln to Wymore, and those BNSF employees who operated the trains. This book serves as a sequel to Burlington Route: The Wymore Story, published by South Platte Press, which told of Wymore's rich CB&Q rail history. Last Train to Wymore is an informative account of the end of a railroad town and a poignant look at the demise of the once-common local freight train."