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Coal Camps, Tipples and Mines: Pictorial History of the Stonega Coke & Coal Co Operations
Ed Wolfe
HEW Enterprises
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2010-06-22 18:31:58
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Coal Camps, Tipples and Mines

Pictorial History of the Stonega Coke and Coal Company’s Operations in Wise County, Va

By Ed Wolfe.

Laminated hardcover, 11x8.5 horizontal format, 192 pages, 240+ b/w photos, bibliography.

"Coal camps, operations and towns covered include: Appalachia, Andover, Arno, Cane Patch, Crossbrook, Derby, Exeter, Keokee/Glenbrook, Imboden, Osaka/Prescott, Pine Branch, Roda and Stonega/Wentz. Photographic coverage includes views of camps, tipples, company stores, churches, homes, boarding houses, mines, equipment, employees and more. More than 35 panoramic overall views of the coal camps and tipples that cover two pages (17-20” wide). Brief introductory history of each area. Limited coverage (panoramic view) of Kent Junction, Dorchester Junction, Josephine and Norton."