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Creative Effects for Model Railroads
Paul M. Newitt
J-T Publishing
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2009-04-07 10:50:59
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A Beginner's Guide to Creative Effects

for Your Model Railroad

By Paul M. Newitt.

Softcover, 8.5x11, 200 pages, profusely illustrated, drawings, charts, tools, techniques, parts lists, index, bibliography.

"Have you always wanted to make creative effects for your model railroad, but didn't know how? Many off-the-shelf items in lighting, animation, and sound are available and are easy to operate.

"Learn to make an operating crane by using gear motors and a remote controller, build a working conveyor loader, or an operating turntable that moves at scale speed. Animate a waterfall, create smoke, simulate fire, and project theatrical type lighting. These are only a few of the many items covered in this book.

"Learn how to make a working crossing gate with lights, a simple track signal system, or a street system with moving cars and trucks. New ideas and materials are explained to the novice modeler with easy-to-understand instructions, photographs, and diagrams."