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Heckman's Canadian Pacific: A Photographic Journey
Ralph Beaumont
Ralph Beaumont
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2015-09-30 00:00:00
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Heckman's Canadian Pacific

A Photographic Journey

By Ralph Beaumont.

Cloth with dust jacket, 9x12" oversize format, 328 pages, 388 b/wphotos, maps, bibliography, index. 2015.

"Joseph William Heckman was a pioneer photographer for the Canadian Pacific Railway. During the period from1898 through 1915, he travelled the breadth of Canada, photographing the railway in Nova Scotia in the east and Vancouver Island in the west, as well as every province in between.

"With his large format glass plate camera, Heckman travelled by train and hand car across the nation. In so doing, he captured 4,900 views of the entirety of the CPR at a formative period in its development. Working for the Engineering Department, he photographed not only the stations and bridges of the railway, but its steamships, hotels and most importantly---the people who made the railway run.

"More than 4,000 of these truly historic photographs have been preserved in large format albums in the CPR's archives. Canadian Pacific has made 388 of these photos available for the production of this large format, hard cover book.

"Heckman’s meticulous field book records documented the exact date and location of each photo. Thus, in Heckman’s Canadian Pacific we are given a truly unique and accurate glimpse into Canada at the turn of the 20th Century, an exquisite photographic journey through the lens of one of this country's most prolific railway photographers."