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Santa Fe Coaling Facilities Engineering Series Vol 1
Robert D. Walz
Paired Rail Publishing
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2009-11-17 21:27:04
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Santa Fe Coaling Facilities

Engineering Series Volume 1

By Robert D. Walz.

Softcover, 64 glossy pages, 11x8.5 horizontal format.

"This 64 page, B&W, softcover book highlights the wide variety of facilities, both large and small, from the suppliers used by the Santa Fe.

"We have arbitrarily divided the facilities into four types: very large terminal facilities, division and crew change points, mainline intermediate facilities, and branch line facilities. Unless otherwise noted, all the illustrations are from the Russell L. Crump Memorial Library. Most of the dozens of coaling towers that once stood along the Santa Fe right of way were demolished within a few years of the end of coal-fired steam operations in their respective areas. For one reason or another though, a scattered handful of concrete towers survived, unused and derelict, for several decades more. The chutes at Skedee, OK and Chanute, KS lasted into the 1980s before being leveled, and three others at Cushing OK, Great Bend, KS, and Marceline, MO still exist today."