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Santa Fe Freight Houses Engineering Series Vol 3
Robert D Walz
Paired Rail Publishing
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2010-12-26 14:24:21
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Santa Fe Freight Houses

Engineering Series Vol 3

By Robert D Walz.

Paperback, 11x8.5 horizontal format, 80 pages, 2010.

"This 80-page B/W soft cover book is the third in a series featuring drawings, images, and reference material from the R.L. Crump Library. Noted author Robert D. Walz provides a broad survey of freight houses throughout the Santa Fe system.

"Freight houses were key to the movement of less than car load freight (LCL). LCL is defined as “freight in one car from more than one shipper or destined to more than one receiver." LCL shipments were not as important or as expensive to the shipper as express shipments that moved via the Railway Express Agency in passenger trains. They were, however, more expensive per hundredweight than carload shipments. This expense was due to the extra handling required of railroad employees.

"This book shows some of the Santa Fe's freight houses using photos, drawings, and maps primarily from archives in the Crump Library. Information about the movement of LCL freight comes from Santa Fe System Circular 385, Merchandise Schedules and L.C.L. Freight Service revised to 1 November 1946."