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Prophet's Pennsy
John Prophet, Photographer
PRR Technical Historical Socie
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2010-01-18 21:27:44
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Prophet's Pennsy

Photos of John Prophet Edited by the PRRTHS.

Color laminated hardcover, 144 pages, color photos.

"John Prophet, one of the founding members of the Society, passed away September 3, 2002. PRRTHS is memorializing his efforts in helping to make the Society what it is today by printing two all color books of most of his slide collection. The first book, Prophet’s Pennsy is all about locomotives and equipment. The hardbound book of 146 pages has 95 steam locomotive photographs, 48 diesel, 28 motors, 88 freight cars (including 34 cabins), 34 passenger cars, 29 MUs, and 18 pieces of work equipment (including 6 office and inspection cars)."