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Southern Pacific's Golden Empire 1954 - 58
Joe Dale Morris and Rod Crossley
SP Historical Technical Societ
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2011-10-20 13:17:59
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Southern Pacific's Golden Empire, 1954-58

The color photography of John B. Hungerford and Harold F. Stewart


Edited by Joe Dale Morris and Rod Crossley.

Cloth with dust jacket, 9x11.25, 296 glossy pages, all color photos throughout. 2011.

"Views of the "Golden Empire" as seen in the lenses of photographers John B. Hungerford and Harold F. Stewart.

"Mr. Hungerford, an author and printing company owner, traveled California and the west from one end to the other focusing on the action of the Southern Pacific Railroad's main lines, branch lines, narrow gauge, Nacozari Branch and interchange railroads.

"Harold Stewart, a Motorman with the Pacific Electric and later a Locomotive Engineer with the Southern Pacific, traveled throughout the west photographing the SP and other railroad companies.

"98 percent of the book is of steam locomotives at work. Good photos of the Magma Arizona, Pickering Lumber and Ferrocarril de Nacozari also.

  • The Overland Route (Western Division east of Oakland and north of Lathrop and Sacramento Division)
  • On to Oregon (Salt Lake Division, Shasta Division, Portland Division)
  • Down the Valley (south of Lathrop through Bakersfield to Santa Clarita)
  • Along the Coast (San Francisco to Ventura)
  • From the Ocean to Desert (Ventura to Indio)
  • Eastern California (Keeler Branch)
  • Arizona and Mexico (Nacozari Branch)
  • The Interchange Railroads (short lines, other railroads)
  • Bibliography
  • Index