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Southern Pacific Official Cars: Business, Private, Instruction, Hospital, Company Service
Donald M. Munger, Jeffrey Alan Cauthen
SP Historical Technical Societ
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2015-10-15 00:00:00
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Southern Pacific Official Cars

Business, Private, Instruction, Hospital, and Company Service Cars

By Donald M. Munger, Jeffrey Alan Cauthen.

Library bound cloth with color dust jacket, 8.5x12" Horizontal Format, 528 Pages, 590 Photos - 176 Color - 110 Plans, Rosters, Appendix, Color Gallery, Bibliography, Glossary, Index. 2015.

"Authors Munger and Cauthen, with many credits to their names in all matters regarding Southern Pacific passenger equipment, have combined efforts once again.

"This massive volume is the sixth in the SP Passenger Car series. Herein you'll find the details: the history of Southern Pacific and subsidiaries (both Pacific Lines and Texas & Louisiana Lines) Official Cars. Included are Sud Pacífico de México Official Cars and those of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway and Pacific Electric Railway.

"Since many of these cars were renamed and/or renumbered - often many times - a Name and Number Finding Aid is included to guide the reader to a specific car of interest.

"An additional chapter covers Southern Pacific Company Service Cars."