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Design of Modern Steel Railway Bridges
John F. Unsworth, Canadian Pacific Rwy
CRC Press
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2011-01-26 20:35:36
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Design of Modern Steel Railway Bridges

By John F. Unsworth, Canadian Pacific Railway.

Clothbound, 453 pages, 2010.

"Perhaps the first book on this topic in more than 50 years, Design of Modern Steel Railway Bridges focuses not only on new steel superstructures but also outlines principles and methods that are useful for the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing steel railway bridges. It complements the recommended practices of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA), in particular Chapter 15-Steel Structures in AREMA's Manual for Railway Engineering (MRE). The book has been carefully designed to remain valid through many editions of the MRE.

"After covering the basics, the author examines the methods for analysis and design of modern steel railway bridges. He details the history of steel railway bridges in the development of transportation systems, discusses modern materials, and presents an extensive treatment of railway bridge loads and moving load analysis. He then outlines the design of steel structural members and connections in accordance with AREMA recommended practice, demonstrating the concepts with worked examples.

"Topics include:

  • A history of iron and steel railway bridges
  • Engineering properties of structural steel typically used in modern steel railway bridge design and fabrication
  • Planning and preliminary design
  • Loads and forces on railway superstructures
  • Criteria for the maximum effects from moving loads and their use in developing design live loads
  • Design of axial and flexural members
  • Combinations of forces on steel railway superstructures

"Copiously illustrated with more than 300 figures and charts, the book presents a clear picture of the importance of railway bridges in the national transportation system. A practical reference and learning tool, it provides a fundamental understanding of AREMA recommended practice that enables more effective design."

"Since completion of a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering in 1981 and M.Eng. in Structural Engineering in 1987, author John F. Unsworth has held Professional Engineering and Management positions concerning track, bridge and structures maintenance, design and construction at Canadian Pacific Railway. He is currently Vice President, Structures of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association (AREMA) and has served as Chairman of AREMA Committee 15 – Steel Structures. In addition, he is current Chair of the Association of America Railroads (AAR) Bridge Research Advisory Group and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board (TRB) Steel Bridges Committee. Mr. Unsworth is also a member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers (IABSE). He is a licensed Professional Engineer in six Canadian Provinces.

"He has written papers and presented at AREMA Annual Technical Conferences, the International Conference on Arch Bridges, TRB Annual Meetings, the CSCE Bridge Conference and the International Bridge Conference (IBC). He has also contributed to the fourth edition of the Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook and the International Heavy Haul Association (IHHA) Best Practices books."

Table of Contents

History and Development of Steel Railway Bridges
Iron Railway Bridges
Steel Railway Bridges
Development of Railway Bridge Engineering
Steel for Modern Railway Bridges
Engineering Properties of Steel
Types of Structural Steel
Structural Steel for Railway Bridges
Structural Steels Specified for Railway Bridges
Planning and Preliminary Design of Modern Railway Bridges
Planning of Railway Bridges
Preliminary Design of Steel Railway Bridges
Loads and Forces on Steel Railway Bridges
Dead Loads
Railway Live Loads
Other Steel Railway Bridge Design LoadsRailway Superstructures
Structural Analysis and Design of Steel Railway Bridges
Structural Analysis of Steel Railway Superstructures
Structural Design of Steel Railway Superstructures
Design of Axial Force Steel Members
Axial Tension Members
Axial Compression Members
Design of Flexural Steel Members
Strength Design of Noncomposite Flexural Members
Serviceability Design of Noncomposite Flexural Members
Strength Design of Steel and Concrete Composite Flexural Members
Serviceability Design of Composite Flexural Members
Design of Steel Members for Combined Forces
Biaxial Bending
Unsymmetrical Bending (Combined Bending and Torsion)
Combined Axial Forces and Bending of Members
Combined Bending and Shear of Plates
Design of Connections for Steel Members
Welded Connections
Bolted Connections