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Rails Across Dixie: A History of Passenger Trains in the American South
Jim Cox
McFarland Publishing
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2018-12-16 00:00:00
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Rails Across Dixie

A History of Passenger Trains in the American South

By Jim Cox.

Softcover 2nd printing, 7x10, 476 pages, 161 photos, appendices, notes, bibliography, index, 2016 [2011}.

"Covering legendary and obscure intercity passenger trains in a dozen Southeastern states, this book details the golden age of train travel. The story begins with the inception of steam locomotives in 1830 in Charleston, South Carolina, continuing through the mid-1930s changeover to diesel and the debut of Amtrak in 1971 to the present. Throughout, the book explores the technological achievements, the romance and the economic impact of traveling on the tracks.

"Other topics include

  • contemporary museums and excursion trains
  • the development of commuter rails, monorails, light rails, and other intracity transit trains
  • the social impact of train travel
  • historical rail terminals and facilities.

"The book is supplemented with more than 160 images and 10 appendices.

"Jim Cox, a leading historian of radio programming in the 20th century, is an award-winning author of numerous books about old time radio. A retired college professor, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky."

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix
Introduction: A Sentimental Journey 1

I. The Manufacture of Transportation
1. Making Tracks: Cumbersome Methodology Gets the Shaft 9
2. Belle Époque: The Golden Age of Train Travel 15

II. Dixie Legends
3. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad: Riders of the Purple Stage 27
4. Central of Georgia Railway: Horses of a Different Color 52
5. Chesapeake & Ohio Railway: The Cat’s Meow 72
6. Florida East Coast Railway: The Eighth Wonder of the World 83
7. Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad: Great Things Made of Little Things 101
8. Illinois Central Railroad: First in Line to Land a Grant 111
9. Louisville & Nashville Railroad: A Tale of Two Cities Dispossessed 122
10. Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway: Short Route from the Great Lakes to Florida 144
11. Norfolk & Western Railway: The Last Steam Road in America 153
12. St. Louis–San Francisco Railway: Unfilled Destiny 161
13. Seaboard Air Line Railroad: The Train of Tomorrow 168
14. Southern Railway: Crescent Rolls 194

III. The Human Dimension
15. Segregation and Prejudice: Jim Crow, Colored Coaches and “Ladies’ Cars” 213
16. Amenities and Appointments: Club Car, Parlor Car, Dining Car, Pullman 222
17. Portals to the World: Early Waiting Rooms 233

IV. Present and Future
18. Passengers Wanted: Railroads in Decline and the Advent of Amtrak 241
19. On the Fast Track: The Anticipation of High Speed Rail 257
20. Progressive Southern Municipalities: Urban and Intercity Mass Transit 263

A: Glossary 273
B: Additional Passenger Lines 278
C: Amtrak 286
D: Museums and Exhibitions (by State) 289
E: Terminals (by State) 309
F: Dixie Rail Chronology 371
G: Powerful Railway Personalities 376
H: Dixie Lines 381
I: Streetcars, Commuter Lines and Monorails (by State) 412
J: Advertising and Passenger Information 420
Chapter Notes 441
Bibliography 455
Index 457