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Diverging Tracks: American Versus English Rail Travel in the 19th Century
Trevor K. Snowdon
McFarland Publishing
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2019-01-16 00:00:00
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Diverging Tracks

American Versus English Rail Travel in the 19th Century

By Trevor K. Snowdon.

Paperback, 7x10", 305 pages, notes, bibliography, index. 2019.

Aslo of interest: From New York to San Francisco Travel Sketches from the Year 1869

and Wet Britches and Muddy Boots A History of Travel in Victorian America

"The advent of mass railroad travel in the 1800s saw the extension of a system of global transport that developed various national styles of construction, operation, administration, and passenger experiences.

"Drawing on travel narratives and a broad range of other contemporary sources, this history contrasts the railroad cultures of 19th century England and America, with a focus on the differing social structures and value systems of each nation, and how the railroad fit into the wider industrial landscape.

"Trevor K. Snowdon, Ph.D., has worked as a social researcher and as a tertiary level teacher and administrator. He is currently an independent scholar and writer, living in Auckland, New Zealand."