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Locomotives The Modern Diesel and Electric Reference
Greg McDonnell, fwd by Jerry Pinkepank
Boston Mills
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2008-09-16 16:30:13
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The Modern Diesel and Electric Reference

by Greg McDonnell, foreword by Jerry A. Pinkepank.

"The essential photographic reference to modern North American locomotives.

"This remarkable large-format reference is a revised, updated and expanded work based on the author's Field Guide to Modern Diesel Locomotives. Locomotives covers all mainline models built for North American railroads from the mid-1 970s to today, from EMD Dash 2s and GE Dash 7s to the latest 70 Series and Evolution Series models, as well as Green Goats, Gensets and mainline passenger electric-powered locomotives.

"Containing nearly 300 photographs of the more than 120 featured locomotive models from every locomotive manufacturer, this is the definitive reference for the North American rail fan. Greg McDonnell provides concise yet comprehensive information on each model, along with easy-to-read tables of production totals, build dates and mechanical specifications.

"Greg McDonnell is the author of ten books on a wide range of transportation subjects, including Canadian Pacific and Lake Boats. He is also a professional photojournalist for railroad publications in the United States and Canada. He received the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society's Fred A. and Jane R. Stindt Photography Award for significant contribution to the photographic interpretation of North America's railroading history. He lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

"Jerry A. Pinkepank is the author of the original Diesel Spotters Guide and founder of the diesel locomotive news magazine Extra 2200 South. He lives in Seattle, Washington."