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American Passenger Trains WWII to Amtrak
Patrick C. Dorin
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2009-04-06 15:03:19
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American Passenger Trains

WWII to Amtrak

By Patrick C. Dorin.

Softbound, 128 pages, 11.5x8.5, color covers, 260 illustrations, advertisements, ephemera.

"Focusing on the 1940s to the 1960s, this book provides railroad hobbyists, historians, museum operators, and transportation instructors and planners with information about the types of train services and operations in various corridors, such as Chicago - Milwaukee; overnight and daytime long distance service; transcontinental trains, and the various local trains on both main lines and branch lines.

"The book reviews the types of sleeping car, coach, parlor car, food and beverage services available at that time. This historic review, including train schedules and advertisements, also provides valuable information on train consists.

"It is our hope that readers will find this book informative, not only for the enjoyment of looking at history; but also for the possibility of creating new passenger train services in North America that reduce energy needs, traffic congestion, and pollution, and improve travel safety, as well as enhancing the art of model railroading."