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Washington State Railroad Depots Photo Archive
John Kelly
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2009-09-30 08:52:13
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Washington State Railroad Depots Photo Archive

By Clive and Ann Carter.

Paperback, 8.5x10.5 horizontal format, 128 glossy pages, 170 photos and illustrations, system map, timetables and ephemera.

"This wonderful photographic record of railroad depots in Washington State is also a rich source of information on all known depots in the state.

"Rigorous and exhaustive research has brought together for the first time many of the known facts about Washington State's depots including size, construction date, materials used and significant changes including rebuilding and replacement. Architectural, railroad and urban historians as well as railway enthusiasts and modelers will all find much to like in this volume. Regional historians will also find the book useful for researching information on local depots."