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American Passenger Train Equipment 1940s to 1980s
Patrick C. Dorin
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2014-11-21 00:00:00
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American Passenger Train Equipment

1940s to 1980s

By Patrick C. Dorin.

Softcover, 8.5x11", 128 pages, 232 color and b&w illustrations. 2010.

"Experience the heyday of passenger trains all over again.

"Beginning in the late 1930s in North America, the new streamlined, lightweight passenger equipment was being designed by a number of companies including Pullman Standard, American Car and Foundry and the Budd Company (to name a few). After being sidetracked by WWII, new streamlined passenger equipment came rolling off the assembly lines. Trains, such as the Great Northern's Empire Builder, once equipped with heavy weight cars, became a new generation of streamliners. The new streamlined cars soon became mixed with the heavy weight cars, creating some rather interesting consists.

"Photos, drawings and detailed captions document the huge variety of passenger cars in operations from the 1940s into the days of Amtrak. Included is information such as dimensions, passenger-seating capacities, heating and air-conditioning systems, and the types of train services.

"Long-time railroad author Pat Dorin puts all the various types of passenger equipment and designs into perspective. Even model railroaders are sure to glean new ideas for their modeling projects."