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Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds
John Kelly
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2011-04-01 14:56:35
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Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds

By John Kelly.

Softcover, 11X8.5 horizontal format, 128 glossy pages, color photos throughout. 2011.

"After WWII railroads realized freight cars could be used to create a public image of their company and to sell passenger and freight services. That image was captured in a slogan, some unforgettable word, phrase or iconographic trademark emblazoned in bold letters on both sides of the freight car.

"John Kelly grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where his father's best friend was an engineer on the Chicago & North Western. John has been collecting railroad photos, timetables and dining car menus for over 20 years and has a large collection. In addition, he has written on railroad history for Trains magazine,, Vintage Rails and Passenger Train Journal, and has authored a couple handfuls of other photographic books on vintage trains."