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Ships of the Great Lakes: An Inside Look at the World's Largest Inland Fleet
Patrick D. Lapinski
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2011-07-03 22:51:40
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Ships of the Great Lakes

An Inside Look at the World's Largest Inland Fleet


By Patrick D. Lapinski.

Color laminated softcover, 8.5x11, 128 glossy pages, 100 color & 150 b/w illustrations. 2011.

"Is working on ships, sailing or tugging through the sea-like waters of the Great Lakes something you’ve imagined yourself doing? Whether it’s your dream job or an area of interest, it is no easy task and takes a full crew to power the 1000-footers, steamers, tugs, Seaway and river class vessels. Lapinski gets close and personal with ship-life, from the captain to the cook, from the inner workings of the engine department to the intricacies of navigation, from the work it takes to load and unload large masses of material.

"A huge variety of ships, a huge variety of jobs, and an even bigger cross section of people, all have helped make the lives of Americans a little easier by bringing in or out the goods through the Great Lakes."