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Building Scenery with Paul Scoles
Paul Scoles
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Building Scenery

with Paul Scoles

By Paul Scoles.

Softcover, 8.5x11", 96 pages, color photos throughout. 2014.

"Take your scenery to the next level! Expert scenery builder Paul Scoles shares his techniques, tools and methods, taking you through the process of scenery building step by step. Enhanced with additional photos and text, Building Scenery with Paul Scoles puts years of scenery building experience right into your hands.

"Not sure where to start? Looking for foolproof methods? Paul Scoles takes you through the steps to create beautiful scenery and terrains for your model railroads and dioramas. Breaking down the process into simple steps, you'll quickly learn how to work with various materials to create the look you're after. Learn how to create convincing rock castings, install them on your model railroad, and apply realistic coloring effects.

"Convincing roads and structures are just as much a part of scenery as are rivers and trees. Paul Scoles introduces new methods and materials for making realistic streets and parking areas, and how to blend in these man-made features into the natural surroundings of your model railroad. Real streets are made from concrete... Why not use it for your model?

"Special chapters highlight how to create the effects of old snowfall and bare winter trees on your model railroad or diorama.

"One of the great things about scenery is that few features are scale-specific. Aside from certain trees and man-made strutures, Paul Scoles' methods can be applied to any model railroad representing any modeling era or scale.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Chris Lane

Chapter 1 - Realistic Track

Chapter 2 - Ground Cover

Chapter 3 - Ground Cover Tricks

Chapter 4 - Steep Slopes

Chapter 5 - River Banks

Chapter 6 - Ballast

Chapter 7 - Water

Chapter 8 - Douglas Firs

Chapter 9 - Deciduous Trees

Chapter 10 - Hidden Feeders

Chapter 11 - Rock Casting

Chapter 12 - Coloring Rock Castings

Chapter 13 - Paver Sand Ground Cover

Chapter 14 - Rough Waters

Chapter 15 - More Deciduous Trees

Chapter 16 - Details

Chapter 17 - Using Real Concrete

Chapter 18 - Winter Ground Cover & Snow

Chapter 19 - Bare Winter Trees

Chapter 20 - Urban Details

Chapter 21 - Finishing Touches