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Fairland, Franklin and Martinsville Railway 1846-1973
Darrell French
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Fairland, Franklin, & Martinsville Railway 1846 - 1973

History of an Indiana Railroad

By Darrell French.

Softcover, 9x6", 240 pages. 2018.

"This story starts in the year 1846, when local folks sought to establish a railroad and train service to ship goods in and out of their counties, in order to bring prosperity to the citizens.

"Central Indiana was thought to have an unlimited supply of hardwoods, a necessary product for the building of America. The railroad faced many hardships and went through several owners before being absorbed by the Big-Four Railroad, which was then taken over by the New York Central., which then merged with the Pennsylvania in 1968 to become the Penn-Central.

"You'll find information about the construction, maintenance, and all operations during the 127 year life span of this small railroad, along with accompanying stories of associated enterprises and the people involved. The way in which everyday life and events in America affected the operations is here, as well:

  • Interviews with twenty-two individuals involved with this railroad
  • Interesting facts and details of everyday life not available in other writings.
  • Non-railroad persons can read, understand, and learn about the railroad almost as well as those familiar with railroading."