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Railroads and Weather: the Impacts of Weather and Climate on American Railroading
Stanley A. Changnon
American Meteorological Societ
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2010-09-14 16:05:31
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Railroads and Weather

From Fogs to Floods and Heat to Hurricanes, the Impacts of Weather and Climate on American Railroading

By Stanley A. Changnon.

Laminated hardcover, 8.5x11, 120 photos, 136 pages.

"Railroads and Weather is a must-read for meteorologists wanting to understand the impact of their products on the rail well as railroad operations personnel, and history buffs who just love trains." —Richard A. Wagoner, National Center for Atmospheric Research

"This is the first book to cover the impacts of weather on this massive industry. With 120 photos, this book covers major storms of the last century, as well as the evolution of the industry’s planning and response strategies, and the equipment and technology they use to combat weather impacts. This book promises to be a favorite of meteorologists interested in weather impacts, as well as railroad and history buffs of all ages."