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War Came By Train, The: The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad During The Civil War
Daniel Carroll Toomey
B&O Railroad Museum
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2013-02-08 08:29:10
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The War Came By Train

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad During The Civil War

By Daniel Carroll Toomey.

Cloth with dust jacket, 304 pages, 6.5x10", Appendix (locomotive citations), Endnotes, bibliography, index, 100 illustrations. 2013.

"Beginning with the B & O's reaction to John Brown's Raid in 1859 and ending with the demobilization of the Union Army in 1865, the overall strategy and political aims of the time period are blended with the battles and daily operational challenges of a Civil War Railroad.

"Author Daniel Carroll Toomey is a Civil War historian and Guest Curator at the B & O Railroad Museum."