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Pullman-Standard Freight Cars, 1900-1960
Edward S. Kaminski
Signature Press
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2014-05-12 15:06:53
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Pullman-Standard Freight Cars, 1900-1960

By Edward S. Kaminski.

8.5x11.5, cloth with dust jacket, photos throughout, plans, drawings, index, bibliography.

"Pullman-Standard was for some years the largest freight car builder in North America, though perhaps more famous for passenger cars. This long-overdue book fills a gap in builder history, and provides an overview showing a selection of the many cars built over a 60-year span.

Ed Kaminski is well known as an authority on freight car builders, and this book takes its place alongside his earlier work on American Car & Foundry, Magor Car Company, Tank Cars: American Car & Foundry, 1865-1955 and the Gregg company. It contains a rich trove of some 400 photographs, most never before published, from Pullman and Pullman-Standard, and also from predecessors Haskell & Barker, Standard Steel Car Company, and Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company."