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Hawaiian Rwy Album V1
Gale E Trieber
TRP The Railroad Press
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2004-11-06 09:48:19
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Hawaiian Railway Album World War II Photographs Volume 1

The Oahu Railway and Land Company, Limited, in Honolulu

Filled with more than 80 brilliant black & white photographs of railroading in Hawaii during World War II, this volume features the Oahu Railway & Land Co. as photographed by the talented WWII serviceman, Victor Norton.

ORL roster plus maps of Honolulu and the OR&L shop complex are included. Nearly every one of their steam locomotives is pictured in this book, along with both of their centercab diesels.

Photos include mostly steam engines such as Mikados, Ten-Wheelers, Consolidations, but also has centercab diesel-electrics, passenger cars, motorcars, frieght cars, cabooses, and a fully-loaded 15-stall roundhouse.

Black and white, 56 pages, softcover, 8-1/2 x 11"