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Hawaiian Railway Album WWII
Gale E Trieber
TRP The Railroad Press
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2008-10-22 10:17:20
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Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photos

Volumes 1 thru 4, hardcover

by Gale Treiber.

8.5x11.5 color laminated hardcover, 272 glossy pages, charts, maps, ephemera.

"It's been more than five years since Volume 1 has been introduced and it has since sold out, along with Volume 2. Rather than reprint each volume individually, we have reprinted the four volumes together in one book.

"This limited edition hardcover contains all of the great photographs, maps, text, diagrams and rosters from the four
volumes of the softcover Hawaiian Railway Album WWII Photographs by Gale Treiber.

"In addition to their appeal to railfans, historian,s and industrial archeologists, World War II buffs will enjoy these photos taken by servicemen stationed in Hawaii in the 1940s."