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Yesterday's Trains Across the Commonwealth
Dale W. Diacont
Blackwell Publications
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2013-06-25 10:59:41
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Yesterday's Trains

Across the Commonwealth

By Dale W. Diacont.

Cloth with dust jacket, 11x8.5" horizontal format, 128 pages, 100+ color and b/w photos. 2013.

""Yesterday's Trains Across the Commonwealth is a truly different book focusing primarily on Virginia's more obscure railroad operations that are now either defunct or integrated into larger, less colorful operations. "Most of all, Yesterday's Trains is a railroader's narrative in which you'll ride the end of a boxcar with a trainman, OS a passing train from a now-abandoned depot and mill about the hostler's track with simmering steam locomotives. Working on one of Virginia's railroads for over forty years has given the author a ringside seat from which to share.

"Illustrated in the seemingly lost art of black and white, Yesterday's Trains is also a photographer's book. Its horizontal pages include over 100 photographs, of which thirty are full page. An array of accomplished photographers helped the author complete his coverage." - NRHS Blue Ridge chapter