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Moving Millions: The Commercial Success and Political Controversies of Hong Kong's Railway
Rikkie Yeung
Hong Kong University Press
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2009-10-02 18:55:24
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Moving Millions

The Commercial Success and Political Controversies of Hong Kong's Railways

By Rikkie Yeung.

Cloth (no dust jacket), 6x9, 316 pages.

"Moving Millions critically examines the governance history of the MTRC and the KCRC over the past three decades, and sheds light on the challenges to Hong Kong's railway after the merger. The two government-owned corporations were exceptionally profitable, yet this commercially successful railway model was not without social costs and political controversies.

"Rikkie Yeung discusses complex relationships between railway management, government policy and politics. Critical issues are analyzed, including corporate governance; railway-property development; funding and managing new projects; mismanagement and controversies; public accountability; and passenger interest in fares, choice and convenience. Yeung compares how differently the MTRC and the KCRC dealt with the government, civil society, the market, and each other to achieve commercial objectives and tackle public interests issues in a post-industrial society, where public expectations are rising despite constraints in democracy.

"Rikkie Yeung is a consultant and research scholar in public affairs and public policies."

A Note on Referencing, Tables and Endnotes
List of Tables and Figures

Part I: Political and Policy Context
1. Railways as Part of the Hong Kong Miracle
2. Serving a Community at Change
3. Hong Kong's Railways versus International Experience

Part II: Contrast in Corporate Governance
4. Pioneer MTRC versus KCRC Bureaucracy
5. MTRC's Struggles for Profits and Autonomy
6. KCRC's Governance Controversies

Part III: Challenges in Railway and Property Development
7. Leading Railway Builder versus Controversial Project Manager
8. Property Development and Environmental Impact of Projects

Part IV: Passenger Interests
9. Passenger Fares, Choice and Convenience
10. Rising Passenger Expectations for Reliable Operation

Part V: Looking to the Future from the Past
11. The Future: Two Railways Becoming One?