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Made in West Chester
Jim Jones
Jim Jones
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2007-04-10 22:02:15
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Made in West Chester

the history of West Chester industry from 1867 to 1945


By Jim Jones. see also: Railroads of West Chester

Softcover, 111 pages, 5.5x8.5.

"After more than seven years of research and a year of writing, West Chester University history professor Jim Jones has completed Made in West Chester, the history of West Chester industry from 1867 to 1945. Using land records, court cases, newspapers, annual reports, interviews and photos, Jones explains how Chester County's rich agricultural heritage provided the basis for West Chester's first industries, and how those early firms grew into industrial powerhouses that served the world.

"The book is organized chronologically. Chapter One provides an introduction to the phenomenom of industrialization, while chapters Two, Three, and Four describe the creation of West Chester's first major industries, the Hoopes Brothers & Thomas Nursery, the Hoopes Brothers & Thomas Wheel Works and the Shaprless Separator Works. The fifth chapter examines the impact of those first industries on the Borough's neighborhoods, government, and service industries. Chapter Six describes the second wave of industries, beginning about 1890, that took advantage of what was by then a well-developed infrastructure and labor pool. Chapter Seven covers the effects of the Depression and the decline of local industry, while Chapter Eight draws some conclusions about West Chester's experience."

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1. The Preconditions for Industry in West Chester
2. Hoopes Brothers & Thomas Nursery (1853-1948)
3. Hoopes Brothers & Darlington Wheel Works (1867-1972)
4. The Sharples Separator Works (1881-1933)
5. Social Change in Industrial West Chester
6. Secondary Industrialization in West Chester
7. After The Depression
8. Conclusion
List of Interviews