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Early Wood Frame/Masonry Bldgs
Patrick Harriman
Harriman Architect
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2008-04-22 17:01:17
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Early Wood Frame & Masonry Buildings

scratchbuilding designs, plans, drawings, pictures

By Patrick Harriman MMR, Architect.

8.5x11.5, spiral bound, 238 pages, index, b/w plans and multiple elevations of 40 different buildings, color photo section.

from the publisher:

"The structures contained in this volume are original designs and are hand drawn by the author. They are designed specifically for the model railroader's use on her/his model railroad layout. The building sites echo typically available spaces found alongside railroad tracks of model railroads. The majority of the larger structures are designed as long as necessary and as shallow as possible.

"Modelers should keep in mind that the designs are not copies of existing structures. Consequently, there is nothing sacred about the dimensions, materials, or details. Dimension modifications and/or details variations are perfectly acceptable to accomodate the modeler's preferences and the available space......

"A number of the structures are designed so that the appear to have evolved over the years. In most cases it is easy to visualize which part of the building might have been the original piece of construction...."