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Modern Loco Handbook
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2007-09-20 15:35:24
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Modern Locomotive Handbook

A Textbook on the Operation of Today's Locomotives

By H. C. Eck & J. C. Kissinger.

Softcover, 4x7.5", 208 pages, 6 bound-in foldout charts, graphs, drawings.

"A textbook on the operation of late first and second generation diesel electric locomotives. This handbook has been compiled as an aid in the operation and proper management of the locomotives listed below. It was written for the benefit of Regional and Short Line Railroads.

Covering the location and operation of the cab controls and air brake equipment. It also explains those locomotive devices and systems with which operating personnel should be most familiar.

The following models of locomotives are included in this handbook:

EMD (Electric-Motive Diesels):

GP30, GP35, GP39 and GP40; SD35, SD38, SD39, SD40, SD45

GP15, GP38-2, GP39-2, GP40-2, SD38-2, SD39-2, SD40-2, SD45-2, GP49, GP50, SD50

GE (General Electric Co.):

B and C Models of the U23, U25, U28, U30, U33, U36

B18-7, B23-7, B28-7, B30-7, B36-7, C23-7, C28-7, C30-7, C36-7