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N&W Diesel Equipment 1971
N&W Gen. Mgr. Motive Pwr, reprint
N&W Historical Society
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2006-09-08 09:46:08
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N&W Locomotive Equipment Book

(As of January 1, 1971)

VOLUME 4 of the Data Series reprints of the N&WHTS


Comb-bound, 8.5x11" and over 1.5" thick - drawings, charts, all official N&W data on every diesel locomotive.

"A reprint of the volume produced by the General Manager, Motive Power and Equipment containing diagrams and specification of diesel locomotives, carfloats and tugboats.

"Also includes a unit-by-unit table of data on each locomotive on the roster and summary data for subsidiary roads. A hefty load of roster data at the beginning of the "NW" era."