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N&W Coal & Coke Manual Nov 65
N&W Railway reprint
N&W Historical Society
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2006-09-08 09:49:57
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N&W Coal and Coke Manual

(As of November, 1965)

VOLUME 6 of the Data Series reprints of the N&WHTS


Comb-bound, 8.5x11" and over 1" thick - drawings of cars, lists of operators and maps by district, charts, all official N&W data.

The "modern" N&W was formed by the acquisition of the NKP and Wabash in 1964. To the five original districts were added the VGN district and two acquired in the NKP / WAB transaction. This volume details all of the coal mines operating in the eight districts with maps of each, plus photos and data on each class of coal car in use."