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Railroad History 188
Mark Reutter, Editor
Railway & Loco Hist Soc
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2005-02-05 16:42:13
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RAILROAD HISTORY No. 188 has 160 pages, with laminated cover and perfect binding. 40,000 words of text – plus 144 historic photographs and images. Color throughout. The issue features A PASSION FOR TRAINS, a portrait of David P. Morgan, the legendary editor of Trains magazine, and MYSTERY TRAINS OF THE PERSIAN GULF, an exclusive account of railroading in Iran and Iraq during World War II. Other feature articles are on the politics of Penn Central, the oddities of railroad mapmaking, the 19th-century battle between the Grand Trunk Railway and New York Central Railroad, steam locomotive building, and the signage of freight cars. TOO BIG TO FAIL? – How interest-group politics and overbearing regulation set the stage for Penn Central's collapse in 1970. By Robert F. Holzweiss. FORGETTING ST. LOUIS AND OTHER MAP MISCHIEF – The oddities and deceptions of railroad mapmaking. By Gregory P. Ames. WRITERS OF THE RAIL: A PASSION FOR TRAINS – Part 1 of the life and times of David P. Morgan. By Thomas M. Jacklin. OVERWHELMED WITH GOOD FORTUNE – Sir Henry Tyler vs. the Vanderbilts in the battle for Chicago. By Graydon M. Meints. WHY STEAM STALLED – A mechanical engineer dissects the stages of steam locomotive technology. By J. Parker Lamb. FIRST PERSON: MYSTERY TRAINS OF THE PERSIAN GULF – Railroading in an unknown and forbidding world. By Robert W. Richardson. PRESERVATION TOPICS: HOW TO MAKE NEW STEAM – The challenges of building an A1 Pacific today. By Andrew Dow. PRINT & IMAGE: TRACKSIDE READING – Looking at freight-car slogans and signage before the age of conglomerates. By John A. Jakle. PLUS REGULAR COLUMNS AND REVIEWS, INCLUDING: BOOK DIVISION, with 23 reviews of railroad and transit books edited by Dan Cupper. SHORT TAKES on railroad timekeeping, gandy dancers, and the collapse of the B&O roundhouse. DISCUSSION by readers about conductors and Hitler’s locomotives, Archie Robertson and Ted Rose, and more MEMORIALS on Bill Edson and Steven Bogen.