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Railroad History 189
Mark Reutter, Editor
Railway & Loco Hist Soc
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2005-02-05 16:41:34
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SPECIAL REPORT: RAILROADS AND SLAVERY How were slaves used by antebellum southern railroads? This question has been almost completely ignored by U.S. historians. Now in a pathbreaking 26-page article, San Diego State University Professor Theodore Kornweibel documents the number and uses of slaves by railroads in the Old South, 1831-1865. DEFEATING DIVISION 699 Naive workers and gun-toting detectives converge during a 1916 railway strike in Washington, D.C., that involves two of the capital's most influential families. The owner of the Washington Post, Mother Jones, and even the Hope Diamond make appearances in this fascinating article by Paul E. McCray. OH, TO BE A LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER Another of our occasional series: Railroaders: Lives and Stories Once it was every boy's ambition, but some boys grew up to be President instead. A delightful yarn by acclaimed historian John H. White, with rare 19th century prints and photos by Jim Shaughnessy and Parker Lamb. Plus "greasing the pig" and other nomenclature of the eagle-eye. SANTA FE'S POSTER GENIUS Discovering more about Louis Treviso, the lost artist behind the Santa Fe's warbonnet advertising campaigns, and identifying a one-of-a-kind Treviso painting of the California Limited. By Michael E. Zega. LOSS AT KINZUA Dan Cupper relates the history of Kinzua Viaduct, destroyed by a tornado last July, and wonders if this 19th century engineering marvel can be restored. With a selection of historic photographs. A PASSION FOR TRAINS Part 2 concludes our in-depth profile and appraisal of David P. Morgan, the legendary editor of Trains Magazine. A superb piece of reporting about an important writer and journalist. By Thomas M. Jacklin. PLUS OUR REGULAR COLUMNS AND REVIEWS, INCLUDING: BOOK DIVISION SHORT TAKES 2003 R&LHS AWARD WINNERS