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100 Years of Steam Locomotives Walter A Lucas $72.50 $61.95 Details Add To Cart
1925 Modern American Locomotive, The: Construction and Operation Frederick J Prior $39.50 $34.95 Details Add To Cart
21 Projects: Scratchbuilding Structures Using Simple Tools & Techniques Bob Walker $24.95 $21.95 Details Add To Cart
2nd Stories Building Photos John Bower $22.95 $19.95 Details Add To Cart


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A Steam Odyssey The Railroad Photographs of Victor Hand Victor Hand, Introduction by Don Phillip $75.00 $64.95 Details Add To Cart
ACL Color Guide Paul Faulk $54.95 $45.95 Details Add To Cart
Alexander Gardner: The Western Photographs, 1867 - 1868 Jane L. Aspinwall $60.00 $49.95 Details Add To Cart
Alligators of the North The Story of the West & Peachey Steam Warping Tugs Harry Barrett, Clarence F. Coons $35.00 $30.95 Details Add To Cart
American Car & Foundry Box Cars 1960-1981 Edward S. Kaminski $75.00 $65.95 Details Add To Cart
American O Scale 1927-1965 Keith Wills $19.95 $17.95 Details Add To Cart
American Passenger Trains WWII to Amtrak Patrick C. Dorin $34.95 $29.95 Details Add To Cart
American Windmills in Historic Photos T. Lindsay Baker $34.95 $31.95 Details Add To Cart
Amtrak Power In Color Vol 2: Diesels 500 and upward Stephen M. Timko $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Anthracite's Demise and the Post-Coal Economy of Northeastern Pennsylvania Thomas Keil, Jacqueline M. Keil $70.00 $62.95 Details Add To Cart
Art of the Locomotive, The Ken Boyd $50.00 $36.95 Details Add To Cart
At the Heart of Progress Coal, Iron, and Steam since 1750 Timothy Riggs $16.95 $15.95 Details Add To Cart
Aviation Legacy of H & E Ford Timothy J. O 'Callaghan $16.95 $34.95 Details Add To Cart


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Baldwin: Fifty Years at Eddystone Volume 1, 1906 - 39 Scott D Trostel $27.95 $24.95 Details Add To Cart
Beauty of Railroad Bridges Richard Cook $44.95 $36.95 Details Add To Cart
Bernd and Hilla Becher: Life and Work Susanne Lange $75.00 $64.95 Details Add To Cart
Billboard Refrigerator Cars Richard Hendrickson and Edward Kaminski $60.00 $49.95 Details Add To Cart
Black Smoke and White Iron: Colorado Rail Annual No. 29 Colorado Kilns, Ovens and Rails William Reich $49.95 $41.95 Details Add To Cart
BNSF Railway Company 2008 Locomotive Review Robert C. Del Grosso $49.95 $38.95 Details Add To Cart
Bridges The Spans of North America David Plowden $75.00 $64.95 Details Add To Cart
Bridges: The Science and Art of the World's Most Inspiring Structures David Blockley $29.95 $25.95 Details Add To Cart
British Columbia Rwy to BC Rail: BC Rail Color Pictorial Series Vol 1, June 84 - Dec 87 Brian A. Elchlepp and Jeff Ainsworth $70.00 $59.95 Details Add To Cart
Building Scenery with Paul Scoles Paul Scoles $19.95 $17.95 Details Add To Cart
Building Small Steam Locos Peter Jones $44.95 $34.95 Details Add To Cart
Burlington Northern Power In Color Vol 1: Locomotives 1 to 2999 Stephen M. Timko $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Burlington Northern Power In Color Vol 2: #3000-6255 Jerry Pinkepank $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Burlington Northern Power In Color Vol 3: Locomotives #6260-9977 Stephen M. Timko $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart


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C&O Coaling Stations Thomas Dixon Jr $24.95 $22.95 Details Add To Cart
C&O Freight Cars 1937-1946 Carl Shaver with Al Kresse, Karen Parker $34.95 $30.95 Details Add To Cart
C&O GP7/GP9 Diesel Locomotives Thomas Dixon Jr $24.95 $22.95 Details Add To Cart
C&O Steam in Color as Modeled Dan Zugelter $39.95 $32.95 Details Add To Cart
C&O/B&O Cabooses, Display and Private Owner Cars V Dwight Jones $21.95 $19.95 Details Add To Cart
Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western Robert G Bowers & James F Brewer $50.00 $41.95 Details Add To Cart
Call of Trains Jim Shaughnessy Jim Shaughnessy & Jeff Brouws $65.00 $54.95 Details Add To Cart
Canadian Pacific Caboose Color Guide 1877-2017 Manny Jacob $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Canadian Steam in the Prairies, Towns and Cities Joseph P Boreskie $16.95 $14.95 Details Add To Cart
Chama/Cumbres w a little Chili Richard Dorman $49.95 $41.95 Details Add To Cart
Chesapeake Ferries A Waterborne Tradition, 1636 - 2000 Clara Ann Simmons $34.00 $31.95 Details Add To Cart
Chicago & North Western Power in Color Vol 4 Stephen M. Timko $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Chicago Union Station Fred Ash $35.00 $27.95 Details Add To Cart
Clothshell Scenery: Build a Layout Without Plaster! Gregg Condon $19.00 $17.95 Details Add To Cart
CNW, Milw, RI, UP Interline Dining & Lounge Cars in Interline SP Psgr Trains Jeffrey Cauthen, Donald Munger $69.95 $67.89 Details Add To Cart
Coal Mining Equipment at Work: Mines and Mining Companies of Western KY Michael D. Davis $34.95 $29.95 Details Add To Cart
Colorado Railroad Ice Houses William Reich $9.95 $8.95 Details Add To Cart
Conrail Power in Color Vol 3: #6000-6999 Stephen M Timko $59.95 $47.95 Details Add To Cart
Cooling Towers Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher $75.00 $64.95 Details Add To Cart
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Keyword:Models model Modeling
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